11th December

Entering the room only armed with his solo voice and electric guitar, the night opened with Komla from The K Shaped Rooms. Crisp creativity, and the funk beats give a jubilant air throughout, resulting in dropping hips and heads nodding with hazed eyes from the off. The melancholy named ‘Sad Songs’ recalls Red Hot Chili Peppers circa ‘Blood Sugar Sex Magick’, and tracks ‘Feeling Something’ and ‘99’ confirmed that resistance is indeed futile to the smooth slinking of the guitar in Komla’s hands. We look forward to welcoming the whole band down soon.
Next up were Redwood Fall, a five piece from Kent, officially Catherine Cooke’s favourites of the night ‘cos the drummer was hot.’ Well, that’s why we get these bands along. New single ‘Man At The Bar’ caught the ear with its liberating loops, proving that recent new blood into the gang is proving a sound experiment. Self assured and compelling, Redwood Fall blend effervescing melodies with pounding basslines, an amalgamation of a myriad of influences.
Aforementioned drummer then won It’s All Happening’s Christmas gift, simply by remembering that he’d been told 5 minutes previously about the film ‘Almost Famous’. Lucky man!
Fuelled up on candy canes and flumps, the now filling room were ready for local band My Friend Eject. This experimental rock outfit from nearby Music Tech School thrives on intense bursts of immediacy. Pounding through ‘Division Demotion’ with anthemic tenacity, driving hedonistically down ‘Digital Love’, they scuzzily lit up the stage, bringing the night to a roaring cacophonous climax.
All the cool kids then danced the night away to records spun by DJ John (soon to be changing his nom de plume by Deed Poll). Another top night.
To view photos of the night please click here

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