14th January 2011

The Robbie Boyd Band, Projekt, Edit/Select, Tracey’s Love
14th January 2011
The King’s Head, Acton
The first It’s All Happening night of 2011, and as Frankie Valli would say oh! what a night! Tracey’s Love were beguiling, their self assured indie waves making heads nod and legs tap far more vigorously than any opening band has a right to. Their half hour set treated us to fizzing tracks that have already captured XFM’s John Kennedy.
Edit/Select left the stage as many people’s ‘ones to watch for the future’, with a mix of tidy punk and smooth afro beat played on guitars, ‘This Waiting Game’ and ‘Aphrodite’ particular highlights.
Projekt came and conquered yet again, grins and gazes abounding the room as they boisterously tore it up, Rob snarling and swaggering through the set, the brilliant Monsoon Love in particularly lighting it up.
Headliners The Robbie Boyd Band were two members down, but with a venue splitting at the seams, we’re not sure we would have had space for the full seven people anyway. With a  presence that will outgrow their description as being ‘sort of folky’, they illuminated the space with their music, instruments and personalities. Knowing how to work a drunk crowd, one who is already spinning round they room, singer Robbie altered the lyrics of ‘A London Reminition’ making it to personal to Acton. Oh, and we’ll be your dancing girls any time boys!
Thanks again to the King’s Head for having us down! Hope we didn’t make too much mess!

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