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Hamlet – a play for today 

You might think you know Shakespeare’s Hamlet inside out. In fact, you probably do. A play about political struggle, family dynamics and finding love, it remains as relevant as ever. As well as this, we experience Hamlet every day, as its words have entered our vocabulary as either mis quoted sayings (‘Alas, poor Yorick! I knew him’ – not ‘knew him well’), aphorisms so familiar we forget their source (The phrase ‘method in the madness’, ‘mortal coil’, ‘minds eye’, ‘own flesh and blood’, and ‘woe is me’ were all written by Shakespeare in Hamlet), or words that Shakespeare invented (rant, barefaced, excitement and outbreak were all first used in the play).

Kent based Changeling Theatre sure know Hamlet, and this summer celebrate their twentieth anniversary by touring the play around the South East. VThe company is founded on the idea that every community deserves to be able to see quality theatre, and so will be heading to beaches, gardens and castles in all sorts of spots to ensure a wide and varied audience can experience the wonder of Shakespeare.

Visiting over thirty venues and locations in total, the varied sites add a magical and unique quality to each performance. It’s a challenge for director Rob Forknall and designer Clare Southern, especially as the dark play is usually performed inside at darker venues. Yet they’ve managed to develop an atmosphere that the ten-strong cast – led by Alex Phelps as Hamlet – infuse with passion and soul.

Changeling Theatre have a reputation for charming, potent and captivating performances. Can they work their magic on Hamlet? See for yourself this summer.

Tickets start at £10 and are available here.



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