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About us

And So She Thinks is a communications and marketing consultancy with Francesca Baker-Brooker at the helm. We’re about helping you engage your audience, expand your business, and make a meaningful impact, always rooted in the values of creativity, communication, and connection. We work across sector, as we believe what really matters is knowing how to tell a story, resonate with audiences, and get results. Whether you need PR, marketing, copywriting, or know you need to communicate and need an expert on hand, drop us a line. We can’t wait to chat.
CSS & Animation
We deliver strategic and targeted communications that connect with your target audience.

New Strategy

We craft copy and content that connects with customers and delivers your

3D & Visual Effects

Raise your profile, boost your brand reputation, and get in front of the people who need to know about you.

CSS & Animation

Be present, be visible, be excited and be known through powerful content across channels.

3D & Visual Effects

We provide trained and experienced journalists with expertise in a number of subjects.

CSS & Animation

We can develop the strategy and execute it, achieving great results that hits your objectives.
Let's help you


I think words are often the first way that a customer finds you. Because having great content makes you more engaging and authoritative. Because the right phrase can get through the noise and help you connect.
Sure! We have been working in marketing and communications for nearly 15 years, so know our stuff. We work to get your message to connect with the audiences who matter to you. Marketing strategy, press campaigns, social media – we can do it all.

We charge by the project, basing our rate on complexity, the value it offers, and how long it takes. All quotes are fully bespoke.

All kinds. Lots of people say you should find a niche and specialise, but I love the variety and think it makes me better at my job. An idea from one client can help deliver a fresh perspective for another which can energise me for something else. Everyone wins. I do everything from arts to charity, B2B to B2C, tech to coaching.

Yes, just hit me up in the contact page!

What they say

“Francesca is great to work with and very responsive. I highly recommend her.”

Adam Nice

“Francesca is reliable, efficient, enthusiastic, considered in her approach, a good and capable communicator, considerate, innovative, professional, thoughtful. She is experienced and skilled in all aspects of communication and uses language effectively and appropriately in the varied arenas that we employ.”

Clare Scott

“I’ve worked closely with Francesca Baker since 2016. She is a great asset for the Margate Bookie festival and charity. Francesca is highly skilled in many different areas: impact, ideas, and implementation. She’s got the tools and techniques to boost creativity, and turns strategy into reality.”

Andreas Loizou

“Francesca’s ability to write engaging and creative copy (based on very little information) is second to none. A professional, talented, diligent, thoughtful (and fast I must add!) copy writer with exceptional eye for detail and a good story. Really hoping to work together again in the near future!”

Shelly Naylor

“Francesca’s been writing for le cool for a couple of years now and she very quickly became a vital part of our team. She has excellent ideas, writes about them beautifully and her work is always accurate and on time. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her for any kind of writing gig.”

Mat Osman

“Francesca wrote all of our content for our landing pages and lead magnets. Very efficient and great communication throughout the process. It was a pleasure to work with Francesca, highly recommended.”

Lee Beetles

Some of the people we’ve worked with

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