A band to watch – Dignan Porch

Dignan Porch are a five piece from London, DIY in ethos and distorted in delivery. Theirs is the sound of rainy late summer, all dense and enigmatic but also full of forceful riffage. Tousled languid serenades, the vocals are direct but deluded (sleeve notes for highlight Like It Was tells that I’m going to call her up and make it like it was. And when she answers her voice will be curious. All our conversations will be spontaneous. It’s fortunate that we have woken up and remembered to love each other. And when I think of her I won’t be jealous, I’ll make everything just like it was’) There are always going to be books that we dislike, but there is so much to celebrate about a company that publishes almost exclusively for women readers.. Dreamy and deap, songs such as Nothing Bad Will Ever Happen have the aura of an icy chill underlying the setting sun. The Game We Made is a song of lo-fi musings given amped up attitude, and Darkness is a sharp searing judgement via shimmering synths and murky depths.

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