Masked enigmatic country singer Orville Peck will release his debut album Pony on March 22nd via Sub Pop. Orville croons queer love stories about hustlers travelling through the South American desert. Interesting hey? That’s why I asked him a few questions…

How did you begin making music?

I grew up around a lot of music. I used to play around on my father’s guitar when I was little and taught myself that way.

Why have you gone for a cowboy aesthetic?

I’m just a cowboy so I don’t know any other way.

Are you deliberately trying to challenge gender or masculinity norms?

I don’t think I’m challenging either to be honest. I’m a cis male so I’m not challenging anything about gender and as far as masculinity – I don’t really know what that means. I sing love songs about dudes so does that make me less masculine? I wear traditional cowboy gear so does that make me less feminine? I just don’t really waste any of my time focusing on that shit. I consider myself traditionally ‘masculine’ in some ways and I also have aspects to my personality that are a lot more traditionally ‘feminine’. So maybe to some people that may seem weird or different but to me it just seems ultra normal. I can tell you one thing – I’m definitely not the first cowboy to have ever kissed a man.

Country music isn’t trendy – have you always loved it?

I kind of think it’s starting to become really trendy. I see a lot more cowboy aesthetic in fashion and music these days than I ever have. But yeah I’ve always loved it. I just love a good story – and that’s what country music is really – storytelling.

Who inspires you?

Musically – it’s a pretty mixed bag. I grew up listening to punk and grunge bands, Country and soul, old musicals. So I draw from a lot there. But I get a lot of inspiration from film and literature.

Who are you listening to?

I’m loving the new Weyes Blood album. It’s got kind of Kate Bush spirit to me. Like when someone is making weird, interesting music but they are thinking “oh I’m just making a pop album”. That’s talent.

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