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All The Young – Quiet Night In

October 10th on Midlands Calling / Warner Bros. Records. Reviewed by Francesca Baker.

Start at The Courteneers. Take two steps right, to arrive at The Enemy. Now take one step forward – Hard Fi. Then travel diagonally towards Biffo Clyro for around three steps, and you will arrive at All The Young. Everything you hear in Quiet Night In is representative of a particular type of band we have become accustomed to make a particular kind of anthemic British tun – a hurtling riff, hooks heard so many times before they must now be available on mail order, and accents that will be identifiable by the majority of the population as simply ‘northern.’ All The Young follow in the tradition, and leave room for more bands to follow, by not being at all bad and ensuring people still hold out hope that the anthemic British band may be about to break, but not being good enough to have nailed it. Average, in a nice way.

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