Released November 28th 2011 on Highline Records

Reviewed by Francesca Baker

Taller, taken from Alphabet Backwards forthcoming EP British Explorer is perfectly packaged Alphabet Backwards pop. More sparce instrumentation than some, the beautifully disjointed dynamic between James and Steph’s vocals, abrupt cymbals and yearning finish all perfectly capture a song James describes as being about ‘seeing an ex-girlfriend on the street with her new boyfriend, feeling belittled about it and wondering if she still misses you, prefers you to the new boyfriend and wants you back’. With some great lyrical attempts at rationality ‘yeah, he’s get some cute points’ combined with simple frustrations at being able to express yourself ‘do you ever…ohhh’ this is a summery sounding tune with a slight winter chill. (Note the crisp leaves coming through the letter box in the video below) Alphabet Backwards are growing up, and it sounds good.


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