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Oxford five piece alphabet backwards have all that is required to become a mainstream success: bundles of energy, good looks and most importantly fantastic ‘pop’ tunes.  The self titled debut mini-album received some great reviews, but not the radio airplay or commercial sales that it deserved. Now, alphabet backwards are back with ‘The Superhero EP’ (to be released on November 22nd), and the timing couldn’t be better, as their fun, summer songs are sure to brighten up the darkest of winter nights. EP opener ‘Collide’ starts with the beautiful voice of lead singer James Hitchman easing us in to the joyous blend of drums, guitars, synths and co-vocalist Steph Ward. ‘Blink of an eye’ and ‘Yesterday in June’ take a similar format, although the latter is a slightly more chilled affair; probably to let you recover from the inevitable dancing that would have occurred during the prior two songs.
The Superhero EP continues from where the mini album left off, using the same successful formula of clever lyrics and melodies that make you grin like a Cheshire cat whilst dancing like you are seven (if you can’t remember: bouncing around the room, waving your arms in any direction they care to flail, having OD’d on blue Smarties). With all the doom and gloom in the press about budget cuts and double dips, alphabet backwards are exactly the type of release that the nation needs. They may not exactly be the answer to our fiscal problems that Mr Cameron was looking for, but at least they are guaranteed to put smiles on our faces. Which is what matters.

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