Arthur Rigby and the Baskervylles – White Houses


Francesca Baker

White hooooouses croons Benjamin , as though his exorted to open his mouth wide by the teacher, over waves of ambitious and impressive music that sounds as if made in a dark room to soundtrack  rolling hills. An eight piece, with trumpets, trombones, the sax, a flute, piano and a couple of violins, along with the obligatory guitar and drums, it’s quite nice to hear ‘alternative’ instruments that aren’t on the indie/rock checklist take a central role in the creation of the music rather than be a quirky slice in a passing nod to the current folk phase. Given the busy group, there is a curiously Spartan feeling to the music, never once feeling as though eight is a crowd. Currently gigging around their hometown of Leeds, these big sounds may soon be set for big things.

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