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Bad Wolf – Addiction to Fiction/Hot Lunch

Bad Wolf Promo Picture.
Byron Huggins reviews Bad Wolf’s just released double A side, Addiction to Fiction/Hot Lunch…

When you start listening to the first track of this  AA side, Addiction To Fiction, you find yourself hit with a parade of instruments soon followed by singing with a solid impact which I must warn you may cause head banging and strain your neck. However this soon wanes, and you become engaged in to a beat which keeps the constant rock vibe seeping through your body,.
The music is a fast upbeat sound which when played live would build an atmosphere and some may find hard to follow, which may not be to everyone’s liking. I would place this song within slap in the indie spectrum, full of the same type of enthusiasm displayed by bands such as Fall Out Boy but with a little less of a comedic tone.
The second track Hot Lunch shows a different style of music available from Bad Wolf where the bass starts the song and is much louder throughout , showing the band is one full of variety, although the lyrics seem to be similar and they both focus on the same type of dramatic song with impact. It is the techniques from the guitars, bass and drums to that separate the songs, the same qualities present throughout.
Bad Wolf have a lot to offer and hopefully will continue to do so in the future.

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