Released April 9th on Young & Lost Club

Spring time is awash with songs that smell of freedom, sound of new beginnings and are awash with the aura of untold possibility. I have a love/hate relationship with these kind of songs, that serve to both send me spinning into a dizzy daze of endorphins, as well as magnify any discrepancies in my own life. 17 by Being There is lovely slice of C86 inspired pop, full of escapist yearnings that can’t decide whether to pull forward or go back, but sound delightful either way. 17 is released on Young & Lost Club, the top example of a record label that deals only with songs they love, and having been named as one of the NME’s top 100 bands for 2012 (is that 100 to show how on the pulse they are, or to cover their backs?) the bouyant Being There are certainly ones to watch as they play around the UK over the coming months.

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