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Best Coast – Fade Away

Fade Away, the new EP or mini album (what’s in a name?) from Best Coast is something of a belter. Out October 22nd on Bethany Cosentino’s new Jewel City label the gritty and cooing vocals, rampant chords and trademark muted drums rollick along as they play tales of bittersweet experience and amorous angst. As always from the duo (Bethany Cosentino and Bobb Bruno),, it’s a heart on the sleeve affair, with titles such as Fear of My Identity and Who Have I Become and lyrics like ‘Telling lies like it’s a big surprise / Now it’s time to say /Baby, goodbye’ on Telling Lies and ‘My heart is open like a door / But I don’t trust you like before / I don’t know who I am this year’ on Baby I’m Crying. Known for their summery effervescent vibes, this has a more autumnal and grown up chill to it, evoking russet leaves and a clear sky. It’s excellent, and you can listen below.
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