Deep soulful voices are hard to come by, especially in the indie world where interesting and sketchy reins strong. On Fire beautiful  lilting licks cavort with the spoken word of Bipolar Sunshine, the operation of Adio Marchant (one time member of Kid British),  tripping over emotion and homespun glow. Easing you in to a enticing cradle. Straddling that space between soothing reality ‘TV flickers and the remote stays in the middle of us’ and searing heartbreak. ‘I know I should call you but I’m going to wait for you to call out’ an example of the lyrics revealing when you need to put yourself on the line before things get too bad to recover. The repeating refrain of ‘nothing compares’ is just as haunting as Miss O’Conner’s version, but a thousand times more beautiful as it hits your heart. Stunning. Aesthetics EP is out now.

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