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Bounce Into The Year

Finally, the flowers are starting to peak through the soft soil to signify the start of Spring after the horribly harsh winter.
Now is the time to give your music collection a spring clean, but you don‟t have to stick rigidly to a „One to watch‟ list, or worry about what‟s hot in 2010.
Just make sure that you take that embarrassing The Bravery album down to the local charity shop/incinerator (we‟ve all made THAT honest mistake) and make sure you revitalise your collection with the following bands.
A mix of old and new, hyped and non, these bands will make the dark nights bearable.
1. Little Comets Much advocated in the past by It’s All Happening, Little Comets are perfect indie pop that will put a bounce in to your stride on a sunny Spring morning. Little Comets are jovial, and they’ll make you happy too.
2. Local Natives From LA, Local Natives released their debut album ‘Gorilla Manor’ in Nov 2009. Gorilla Manor is a fantastically strong album unafraid to mix classic indie rock with a variety of sounds such as strings and percussion. Brilliant.
3. Kasabian The capitulation of Oasis in 2009 left an arrogant rock’n’roll band shaped vacuum in the British music scene. Kasabian are the band to fill that hole and their three brilliant albums Kasabian, Empire and West Ryder Pauper Lunatic Asylum totally justify any arrogance.
4. Minaars Another Leicester band but one with a completely different sound to that of Kasabian. Minaars are about their rhythm and their raw noise. Single ‘Busy Hands’ is a tune, look out for more from them throughout 2010.
5. CHEW LiPS The electro pop three piece, comprised of Tigs, Will and James, released their debut album ‘Unicorn’ at the end of January 2010. The trio combine catchy lyrics with beats that make you boogie until your heart is content.
6. The Drums Ahhh. The Drums are lovely. And happier than the photo suggests. If you put on The Drums you’ll immediately feel like you are on a beach in Miami. Or maybe California. Either way, it’s a much nicer feeling than being able to hear the rain lash down against your window in a freezing cold room in West London.
7. The Temper Trap Three sell out shows in three nights at Shepherds Bush Empire suggest that The Temper Trap aren’t doing too badly for themselves. It’s what the Aussie three piece deserve though. Get your hands on debut album ‘Conditions’ and then pray that they are back in England again soon.
8. The Strokes Not a new band, of course, but The Strokes helped to define the first decade of the new millennium. They are set to play several festivals this summer and will also be back in the studio this year. Ten years on, no music collection is complete without their back catalogue.
9. Everything Everything Everything Everything are set for a big 2010, as all with a musical crystal ball will have been telling you. They are radio friendly, they are fun and they are a worthy addition to your CD shelf and computer hard drive.
10. Male Bonding Male Bonding do the simple things well. Their musical stock is likely to rise throughout 2010, especially as they are on tour with Vivian Girls and then The Soft Pack. Sort out your music collection with a bit of Male Bonding.

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