Finding time to play is so important. Play brings joy, is vital for creativity, boosts relationships, triggers endorphins, helps builds relationships, and makes for greater wellbeing. It’s used to help businesses grow, children connect with parents, to rehabilitate prisoners, as therapy, in rehabilitation settings, schools, hospitals. Basically, play matters. It’s best when free and spontaneous, without purpose, but if you need a schedule and reason, the Space Hopper Challenge could be a worse place to start.
Taking place at on Bank Holiday Monday 29th May at King’s House Sports Ground (between Barnes Bridge and Chiswick) this is a day to indulge in your inner kid and light up those parts of yourself that wants to bounce, giggle and grin. Oh, and break a world record.
As well as being part of a team breaking the world record for the most people on space hoppers – currently at 2,943 – you’ll find surprises along the way, and get a free space hopper to take home. Which certainly beats taking the tube.
It’s run by TickTheBucket, a group which help people make items on their bucket list happen, and London Flash Mob, organisers of spontaneous events (as oxymoronic as that may sound).
Tickets are available through Funzing for £12/£10.

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