BrekFest – Absolute Radio's amazing competition

I continue to fall in love with Absolute Radio. Although I do blame them for my stonking hangover today (Pigeon Detectives at Hard Rock was great, thanks guys!). I love festivals, but I hate the hassle, and now Absolute have a competition to let me win one in my home this June – brilliant! Called BrekFest, they’re working with John Giddings, the guy responsible for the Isle of Wight Festival. No half hearted tent in the garden and mate’s band doing acoustic – Absolute are talking big band headliner, stand-up comedy tent, novelty act, food stalls, festival T- shirts, portaloos – everything. So please don’t listen to Christian O’Connell’s show to find out more, please don’t go to their website and tell them why they should host the event at your pad. Because I want to be the only entrant and therefore a guaranteed winner. Mwahahaha.

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