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Broken Records – Weights & Pulleys

Out May 19th via JSharp Records.
Weights & Pulleys is Broken Records third album, and cements their role as one of the most wholesome indie folk bands out there. Packed with undeniably good tunes, it is however a little safe. After the critical success of previous album Let Me Come Home it almost seems as though they have chosen to play safe with a well worn formula. We Weren’t Ready is a gentle opener, slowly and sweetly unfolding, but without the punch of the second track, Winterless Sons with its resounding drums and soaring chorus. The gentle plucking of Toska is a highlight, as is the jaunty You’ll Be Lonely In A Little While, which almost veers on sea shanty earworm. I Won’t Leave You In The Dark will be a summer festival staple one day, built for fist clenching moments, and final and best song All Else Can Just Wait with its lazy repetitive finale built for soft light. Jamie Sutherland’s Scottish lilt is one of the areas in which the band differentiate themselves, and the vocals a warm highlight, but accent can’t be enough. Produced by Tony Doogan, the hand behind work by Mogwai, Delgados and Belle & Sebastian, the LP is unfortunately nowhere nearly as creative as some of these bands’ outputs. Strings, brass and bouncing drums all add extra depth to the traditional band offering, but unfortunately don’t do enough to elevate the album from a hearty yet harmless sound. It’s fine, good even, but three years in the making was enough time to explore a more varied sound and challenge themselves, and it feels like this hasn’t happened. More rousing and less of the restrained please fellas.

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