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Bruising – Emo Friends

Sometimes it seems like you and best friends’ worlds are just falling apart, and all you can do is watch – or go out for a drink and a good time. At least that’s what Bruising reckon on Emo Friends. Naomi Baguley spotted Ben Lewis wearing a Perfect Pussy t-shirt in a Leeds nightclub and they began trading song ideas through phone voice memos. Ramshackle debuts led to a sold-out debut show at Leeds’ Oporto, before Bruising began hosting a series of cult house parties in Hyde Park living rooms with the likes of Waxahatchee, Twin Peaks and Trust Fund.
Emo Friends, recorded with Hookworms’ MJ, is a fuzzy piece of brilliance, all infectious guitar melodies and soft cries layering up in a tumultuous wrestle of floaty vocals and passive aggressive riffs that whirls up and over the listener in an infectious fashion.
Emo Friends and it’s AA side Honey is out now on Beech Coma Records.

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