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Cartesian Jetstream – Ancestors

Cartesian Jetstream make clattering psychedelic pop rhythms that meander unpredictably but on new album Ancestors always return to a sense of musical connectivity, all high tempo but never frantic, blurring garage rock and punky swagger with trippy melodies. Living on the Isle of Man they have plenty of time to explore music, and have a particular passion for sixties tunes. Simon explains “I wanted to get the feel of how bands like the Beatles sounded in 65/66 when it was still quite groovy and beauty but just starting to go a bit weird and psychedelic in places.’ Invisible Ink is an excellent example of that sensibility, whilst title track Ancestors has a slightly more punky vibe. A bit weird, a lot wonderful.

Released on April 20th 2015 via Ballagroove records.

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