It starts with a crashing cymbal and ends with moonlight twinkle. In between, on Rabbit, we find a gentle halcyonic rolling wash of guitar and precise yet eerie keys, perfectly placed percussion dissipating into Cassandra Jenkins‘ bittersweet tones that tell tales of a queen and a king that seem somewhat disillusioned but tinted with hopefulness. There’s a languor to proceedings, at least to start with, before a teasing frivolity and back and forth gasping vocal scales. Rabbit has just the right amount of production at the touch of co-writer Sam Griffin Owens – not so much lo-fi but genuine.

The song is dedicated to Jenkins’ goddaughter in memory of her parents’ now deceased pet rabbit and comes with the following note: ‘After Rabbit passed away in 2004, her body was sent to North Carolina to the teenage taxidermist, Amy Ritchie. She returned to New York beautifully preserved with one peculiar detail. On one side of her face she bears a neutral expression, and on the other a beguiling smile.’


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