Euphoric and uninhibited eighties pop, if ChewLips were a packet of sweets, they’d be Refreshers. Tigs is a buoyant frontwoman, embodying the pulsating rhythms and smooth vibrations of tracks like ‘Solo’ and ‘Salt Air.’ Seductive and stimulating, ChewLips are an effulgent part of what is quickly becoming a saturated genre..Whether shadow boxing, doing the rope or simply singing sweetly front woman Tigs alone is a sight to behold onstage, but with her boys backing up with a variety of samples, guitars, keys or bass, Chew Lips are definitely worth checking out. The debut album is packed full of electronic wonders, but live there’s also the chance to hear the older fans favourites such as ‘Solo’ and ‘Salt Air’ which rival anything on the debut. If you want to get your groove on this is definitely the place to be. Amazing voice, sweet beats and much fun to be had.

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