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Complicated Kissing

Music, love, and Art Brut’s take on it all.

Art Brut’s lyrics may not be poetry in the Byronesque sense of the word, yet for pure understanding and perceptiveness of the actions and thoughts intrinsic to being a human being, few songs are more resonant than those of Art Brut.

Eddie Argos acknowledges his voice is no Pavarotti, but the disaffected youth whose sentiments he is articulating don’t like Pavarotti anyway.
Which is why the lyrics to ‘Pump Up The Volume’ always make me smile, and ponder the question of music or love?
‘And I can’t say I’m not enjoying the kissing/But I’ve a sneaking suspicion that you’re not really listening/I know I shouldn’t/Is it so wrong/To break from your kiss/To turn up a pop song?’
Maybe it’s not a case of music or love, but realising the crucial relationship between the two.
As much as the fire in your loins is driving the physical reaction, music has a rarely paralleled emotional connection. Rather than being shallow, musical taste is an excellent indicator of compatibility. If they put on ‘The Best of Aqua’ you know that there’s no point in even pretending you’ll call them for a second date. It has to be over.
‘Is it so wrong?’ sings Eddie. Well no. Of course people listen to the lyrics and the music whilst otherwise engaged. Barry White built his whole career on people having half an ear on the stereo whilst they make lurve.
The key is realising that like Paul and Barry Chuckle, things are better when both exist in mutual harmony. If music is the food of love, then play on….

Francesca Baker

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