Francesca Baker

You’re lucky with this review. Never let it be said that we don’t give you anything. Here you learn not about one new fruity band, but four.
In anticipation of the The Great Escape in Brighton last month, I thought I’d check out a few of the bands via the musical wonderland that is the internet. I ended up pretty excited about going to see the sixties style band The Apples, who fit more into the Britpop era than 2009, but still could be worth checking out. However, actually we were headed for Apples, at Arc on the Thurs night.
Never fear though, as is sometimes the case when I cock up, and even if not, is at least an infinitely more positive outlook to have, everything turned out alright in the end, and I have discovered more than one new band. Incidentally, if you Wikipedia ‘apples band’ it also informs you that the article is not about the Scottish indie dance band or the Isreali funk band of the same name. Who knew the humble apple would be the source of so many band names.
So, Apples. No The. Not Scottish or Isreali, but from Hereford, and therefore perhaps can claim more rights to the fruit than their name competitors. Bobbing onto the scene early this year (I stole that pun from their myspace. I confess), Apples encapsulate everything excellent about the eighties, great hair, sherbert dappled melodies, rose tinted optimism, and a lust for panda pop. Huw Stevens said the band also produce their own apple juice – if you’re reading guys, a sample would be fab?
New single Reason 45 combines feather light melodies and a pounding saxophone in a Rumble Strips esque fashion to ensure that the band have your attention from the very start, and Norman’s quiff and quirky dancing ensure the attention remains. Synthetic in the best possible way, the hooks and choruses are carefully crafted to perfection, creating glorious grooves to while away the evenings to.
Oh yeah, and they play the telephone.

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