Cut Copy – Free Your Mind // 2013 best of

Best of 2013 by Jamie Malcolm – follow him @mylittleforts
I don’t usually mention or reply to famous people on Twitter, but upon listening to Free Your Mind (in possibly the worst situation and surroundings imaginable – an early morning slushy commute to work) I felt the need to. I wanted to express my joy at them fully understanding the history of dance music and how to touch on the influences and implement them into an album in 2013. This really wasn’t a new revelation as they’ve toyed upon this magic in all of their output dating back to the mid 2000’s, but felt they really excelled with Free You Mind. It’s so refreshing to hear especially with so much of general radio output being cluttered by a regurgitative cycle of overelaborate and unimaginative nods to that genre by the likes of David Guetta, Tiesto and other various cronies. 
After a near ten year story of missed opportunities and bad luck i’m finally getting to see them live in 2014 and can’t wait. 

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