Daisy Buchanan – How to Be a Grown-Up

Daisy Buchanan’s How to Be a Grown-Up was written for me. And you. And your sister. Best friend, too. Part memoir, a self help guide, some cathartic exploration and life audit, it’s essential reading for modern ladies. Based on experience, it’s a very personal book, but it’s also for every girl. Through her own confessions and advice of other women, Daisy presents on paper those thoughts and feelings we’ve all had as we go about trying to become real adults.

It’s not easy, and the expectations and opportunities have in a way made it only more complicated. We can have it all – so where the hell do we start. Start here. How to Be a Grown-Up covers money and masturbation by way of meditation and mothers. It’s all there in gritty and glittery detail.

Reading the book is like seeing your head splurged on the paper, but rather than filling you with dread and fear at your mind being out there for all to see, there’s a sense of reassurance. Daisy is by your side, in literary form at least. She’s not an expert, but she has experience.  She knows what it’s like. She’s been there, and has hints and tips for how to navigate it – even if that’s just putting on Netflix, pouring yourself a glass of wine and having a good bath. Life isn’t easy, but it is for

Life isn’t easy, but it is for living, and as even as it’s frantic, scary and manic as it may be How To Be A Grown-Up makes growing up it sound damn exciting.


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