Dinosaur Pile Up. They're Excited.

Raw and brutal, Dinosaur Pile Up are grabbing attention across the country, they’re rough and ready anthems a formidable barrage of intense riffs and big energy. Singer and guitarist Matt Bigland from Dinosaur Pile Up takes time out from their crunching whirlpool to answer our questions.
Francesca Baker
Describe your sound.

I’d say somewhere between “AWESOME” and “FREAKING RADICAL”. The prior description being more aimed towards the riffs and the volume, and the later being aimed toward the general dorky yet kicking part of the band.
Why are you in a band?
Because I never wanted to be in anything else really… I would have loved to be that kick-ass athletic stud that so many dudes at school were… “Hunky” and involved in all the macho / ace stuff, but I was blessed with a physique slightly more on the goofy-bendy side and i can’t run for shit. I also considered myself to have an alternative brain, and enjoyed art unlike most of my peers. Luckily I heard some F***ing wicked records as a teenager, got a guitar off my mum, and started playing drums when I should have been doing homework. Very quickly I didn’t give a f*** about being as cool as the jocks because I knew that one day I was gonna piss all over them and make them wish they’d picked up a guitar instead of a sport. Reading that back – that last one is a freaking wicked reason.
What are your day jobs?
Well, right now driving our asses oFf in the van playing shows is our day job. Which is what we’ve all been working towards as individuals for so long. It’s only been like this a couple of months though. So we really appreciate it, it’s amazing for us. Before I was working in a kitchen of a cafe making 300 sandwiches a day. Steve was selling home insurance in an office that he’d been at for about 5 years, and Tom was working in a bank counting other peoples money. We all thought it sucked pretty hard.
If you could play a festival in any city in the world where would it be?
Ooooh… There’s so many places!! Barcelona?? I’ve never been!! Or… Somewhere in the US. I’d love to go to America with the band… Or Canada – I FREAKING LOVE CANADA!!… Or … Saturn.
Got to aim high…
Which bands are always on your playlists?
Right now Future of The Left. We cannot stop LISTENING TO THEM!! They kick ass, and are one of the few bands that can play guitar well and write.

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