Drowners – Luv, Hold Me Down

Economic in words, aggressive in style, complexly layered, new album Luv, Hold Me Down by Drowners is a garage pop record exploding with shards of fizzing entanglements with life. Deliberately infused with the energy and passion of the bright lights in the big city of New York, the place that frontman Matthew Hitt found himself in during summer 2013, far in space and style from his native small village in North Wales. Tales of deviant misadventure are unrelenting, the guitars wending wonder under sparse lyrics. Injected with pounding rhythms it is fidgety and angular. But the party, if not stopping, always slows a little and the lulls in this record are sweetly melancholic, or as Hitt describes it, the album is one filled with sounds of ‘jovial misery,’ leas shiny than the veneer may suggest. The debut is released on January 27th on French Kiss / Orchard Records and the band have created a mini documentary, following their enviable road trip from North America to Brazil.

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