Recognise that? Course you do, but for what reason?

  1. Literally every girl on the universe has taken a picture of themselves, posted it on Facebook with those lyrics as the caption and suddenly after 34 seconds of having been posted, the picture has 14 likes and 17 pretty similar comments reading ” omg babe u stunnaa!xx lolz, no jkee u beauuut!xx♥”. Not that thats a bad thing, they’re obviously talking about the  lyrics and not the seemingly moody girl with a duckface pose. Yeah, you know the type…
  2. You have amazing taste in music, and therefore have heard Ed Sheeran’s The A Team.
  3. You saw example number 1, searched example 2 and you are now on example 3, the most probable answer.
 The A Team is an acoustic yet rather sad song that tells the story of a young prostitue who suffers from abuse and drug addiction, the song tells of her struggles through life and ends in her death. I thought that either the song was that it sounded almost too real to have been purely fake or, this an excellent example of Sheeran’s creativity, but a quote from Ed Sheeran reveals that The A Team is based on a true story: ‘The song is a true story and was written by Sheeran after meeting a girl called Angel, whilst volunteering at a Crisis homeless shelter. He told The Sun July 15, 2011: ‘I wrote that song last year in a student flat in Guildford. I recorded it for less than £200 and made the video for under £20. In two weeks we’d sold 200,000 copies. I’ve made a song about a homeless prostitute who has been able to get on A-list radio.’
 And the song hasn’t just touched moody-duckface-girl facebookers, but many parents as well. Sheeran told Q magazine: ‘After it got into the charts I got lots of messages from parents saying that something similar had happened to their daughters. When I wrote it I never thought that it would connect with so many people, but it’s great it has.’

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