So, being the procrastinating human being I am, this review is like 8 months late. Oops.
So gonna start off by saying, this song is absolutely brilliant. As is the video, this whole collection of what looks like home videos, featuring guitars, sunshine, the beach, lovely things like that.
Then you’ve got this cute, ‘homey’, happy-go-lucky vibe to it. With all the whistling and reminders of the best things at home. The song describes that, yeah, home is great, and that when we get home, we love it and we’re happy so this relationship between the boy and girl, means that whenever they’re around each other, they’re happy and safe, like we are ourselves, at home.
I feel like this is a really summery song, and its not just the fact I’ve been playing this full volume in my garden… and annoying the neighbours.
SO GO AND LISTEN TO IT IF YOU’RE COOL OK. Joke, you’re on It’s All Happening, you’re already cool.

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