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Eskimeaux – I Admit I'm Scared

If only every thought could be ‘buried in the ground’ and ‘kept inside my head.’ Those emotions are troublesome things, but catharsis can come in the form in the music, and Eskimeaux‘s I Admit I’m Scared beautifully blends the exterior and interior worlds and the difficulty of traversing a personal world in a public space, with no map. There’s a gentle acknowledgement of the ambiguity of feelings and words and how they can shift and change in matters of seconds, everything i said spewed like sparklers from my mouth they looked pretty as they flew but now they’re useless and burnt out. Gabrielle Smith’s voice may be delicate, but she sings of anxiety and vulnerability with strength, and as the track progresses and Felix Walworth’s (another member of the Epoch, a community of musicians, writers, visual artists, filmmakers who participate in and collaborate on one another’s projects) drumming gets increasingly intense, there’s a swelling of power and a sense of change amid the loss that is utterly addictive.

Released on Double Double Whammy.
Photo by Andrew Piccone.

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