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Euan Lynn​/​Belafonte​/​XGETXREALX

Six songs, three bands, the latest six track EP from Euan Lynn​/​Belafonte​/​XGETXREALX is both a reflection of the collaborative DIY scene that exists and a condemnation of the sky high costs around production of physical music that they must share it all. Thankfully it is an easy way to introduce three great bands. Frantic, speedy, and brimming with punk attitude Euan Lynn is like a one man Ramone, straight to the point in his minute long romps. Bellafonte (Joe Lowdon) deals in deep and delicate, a wholesome voice that seems to sound like a sweet being sucked and loved, songs of a more despondent nature than the straight down the line tone of Euan Lynn, complex and by default a little longer. And so project XGETXREALX sees the two come together, the yin and yang combine to form a loud and bold, in CAPITALs. The whole EP is available for free download, or a lovely limited edition cassette run of only 15.


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