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Reviewed by Francesca Baker

Everything’s lo-fi these days. Far from being a sign of low quality, hum, distortion and fuzz are all hallmarks of authenticity.  With pulsating game boy beats and caressingly nostalgic harmonies, ExloversStarlight Starlight will thaw any cynicism felt towards gazing at shoes and the like. Exlovers will be spreading the love in this season of goodwill with a free download of their magically named new single. The fluidity between Laura’s shimmering vocals and the hazy guitar work reinforces the feeling of twinkling that only a band with a glockenspiel can provide. Their debut album, Moth is set to grace our ears in Spring of next year, but until then, put on the fairy lights and your best sullen smoulder and dance along to this one. Nice.
Starlight Starlight by Exlovers

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