Reviewed by Tim Britton

Rough Stones is the second EP from London based alt-country 4 piece Fierce Country. Although familiar with some bands on the London alt country scene I haven’t come across their music before, so was curious to hear more. The EP was recorded live but held no real surprises, much as I expected musically, and only opening track Rough Stones, the best of the five songs on offer, had me tapping my foot.
Overall played well, and the production and performances were very good, but there were no excellent tracks. Additions of banjo and violin do work well particularly on track Don’t Let Me Walk Back Alone but still for me the overall product lacks ‘edge’. Tracks like Doing My Best amble along nicely but I am not sure I have the patience to hang around to find out where they finish and my interest petered out after this track.
To be fair though there was nothing really wrong other than it didn’t particularly raise my interest and it will appeal to fans of this genre. I wish them well as to their credit all proceeds for this release are to be donated to MacMillan Cancer Support. The EP was released on 6 August on Bomb Shop and is available to buy now from
Rough Stones
Don’t Let Me Walk Back Alone
Doing My Best
Hearts and Minds
O! Grace (Pre order bonus track

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