Gentle storytelling beauty is what Fiona Bevan specialises in, her knowing yet sweet voice cooing over gentle melodies. Described as ‘pop in disguise’ it is immediate and hook laden, without any saccharin sweetness and packaging that the genre becomes so often derided for. (As the co-writer for One Direction’s Little Things, along with Ed Sheeran, she can work her magic in this field too). Although she might fear that saying ‘My writing process is really an attempt to understand who I am and how not to be walked over in the world – as a woman, as a shy person, as someone doing something different. I’d say it’s about finding myself, if that didn’t sound so terribly cheesy’ might cause raised eyebrows, it’s actually the lovely lilting delicateness of the songs that cause such flex. Latest album Talk To Strangers was recorded entirely on analogue equipment with artist and producer Shawn Lee at his Bloomsbury studio in short bursts throughout spring last year and subsequently has a flitting and wholesome feel to it, all rustling leaves flickering in sunlight. Listen to more from the Suffolk born singer songwriter below.

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