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F.O.L.K…C.O.N…T.R.A…P..T…I.O..N – it's The Folk Contraption

My plus one asked me what I thought of The Folk Contraption, a night of story telling and folk music brought by The Rogue’s Gallery at London’s Vault Festival.
‘Wonderful.’ I replied. But apparently that won’t make for a whole review.
Tales of dragons and suicides, train journeys and lost property, flowing rivers and fleeting tribes, all delivered through the medium of song and story by wide eyed tellers, whilst we sat on cushions, under fairy lights, the rumble of trains above and the cool walls of the tunnel around. What’s not to love? Billed as ‘part play, part gig and part magical mystery tour’, this is a ramshackle, delightful, warming production and should be seen by everyone. Everyone.

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