Not for this band a pretence, schmoozing words they don’t mean with a sentiment that they don’t have. Friday Club are all about bold and brash statements, one they deliver with style and fervour on new single Tropical. The repeated refrain of ‘you’re not tropical’ is potent enough to have you entrapped, and is instantly enticing. Top track All I Wanna Do is seductive as hell, and as they vehemently tell you that all they wanna do is fuck, they make it sound so damn good you willingly consent. Bloody and brash, full of swagger yet dizzingly raw and honest, Friday Club create catchy and addictive tunes that are immediately engaging. Harnessing thrilling punk energy, howling, harrowing and utterly feel good, the four piece have gained notoriety because of their tireless work ethic in the city, but fame will come from being a bloody good band.
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