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Grass House – Marshall Teller

So on first listen of Grass House‘s I Was A Streetlight I feared a bit of Mumfords. But then I realised the voice had depth, the chords brimmed with real intensity, the sound was one of life lived rather than one imagined, and, I liked them. Released on Marshall Teller on Sept 2nd. The song is one full of potential, that whilst great, is never quite realised. Flecks of electronic riffs, quivering melodies and dramatic builds tease, and whilst it is a lovely and luscious songs, there is a sense that it doesn’t quite deliver. A hypnotic aura prevails and there are senses of sinister but stylish rhythms – I can’t put my finger on what is lacking. Here’s hoping the London four piece are just flirting and we will see then follow through on their debut album, A Sun Full And Drowning which is set for release on the 28th of October. whilst the launch of I Was a Streetlight takes place at The Lexington on Sept 5th.

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