Reading is often thought of as a solitary activity, one person curled up with a book and entering into their own world of imagination and exploration. But stories are also something to be shared, words are meant for communication, and ideas brought up for discussion. Powerful and brilliant, there’s even more force in numbers, and a festival for all of these things that brings people into a social space to celebrate their love of literature is a beautiful thing.
Taking place over the May Bank Holiday, Greenwich Book Festival showcases the best of international British, and local talent. Students, tutors, and renowned alumni from the University of Greenwich’s thriving creative writing programme will showcase their work, including Alex Pheby, Cherry Smyth and Charlotte Crisp.
Festival highlights include pop musicians Viv Albertine and Tracey Thorn in conversation, The Miniaturist author Jessie Burton discussing ‘love and obsession in golden age Amsterdam,’ Alexandra Heminsley on Running Like a Girl and journalist Zoe Williams discussing her new book Get it Together: Why We Deserve Better Politics. There’s a genial air to proceedings, with talks on the art of tea making and the beauty of gin o’clock in Ten Cocktails: the art of convivial drinking, as well as creative workshops and cartoon making sessions.
The majesty of the Old Naval College in Greenwich is the perfect spot to pick up a book – and share its ideas and excitement with others.

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