Due to the unfair nature of the music industry (nay, life), sometimes the best bands are not the ones awash with the cash to make the music they want to give to the people who want to hear it. To fund some of the recording and production of their debut album, Secret Rivals are going all Blue Peter, and asking fans to donate some cash to the pot, to be all pooled together and put to the project.
Of course, realising that not many people will do something for nothing, or just due to being cool chaps, as well as everyone receiving a copy of the album, they are offering a variety of goodies in exchange for a donation, including handwritten lyric sheets, personalised messages, VIP passes to a show, and the band playing your house party.
Head to their page to be part of this project and let music be made by making your pledge – let’s make this happen!
Don’t forget you can still buy their latest EP, Make Do And Mend Part 2 from a number of good online retailers.

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