In The Ring

It’s All Happening! take on media hype and give their views on the music currently making waves…

Francesca Baker

Graham Coxon – Sorrows Army

According to those in the know, Graham can do no wrong. Graham Coxon has not let the recent rekindling of love with Blur (the thought makes me all warm and fuzzy inside!) make him rest on his laurels. Noth-ing new and surprising from Mr Coxon, but why meddle with genius. This new single is perfect for an indie ho down. He can do no wrong.

One EskimO

Imagine Damien Rice and Dido dressed as a pengiun, eskimo, giraffe and monkey singing a song co-written by Ronan Keating and Moloko, if you will. The lyrics are inoffensive enough to get radio play, and children will love the characters, but since when has ‘for all the family’ been a term of praise for music? Commendable for their creativity., but not worth the hype.

Little Boots

Hailed by so many as the one to watch this year, Little Boots, aka Victoria Hesketh, has the disco beats and eighties vibe en vogue down to perfection The bright lights and candy of Blackpool are evident, and Hot Chip’s Joe Goddard has injected his magic into the kaleidoscopic electronic production She’s not big, may not be clever, but for pure neon thrills, Little Boots is where it’s at. Whether she’ll last the whole of 2009 is another question.

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