Hero Fisher‘s new album Delivery is steely, stark, and sexy. Full of edges, the tunes scratch at the skin like only an old lover can, but despite such resonance and immediacy, they’re not necessarily what Hero heard in the first place, and she acknowledges that it can be difficult to get what is in her head in to the instruments and on record. ‘I don’t always hear what I want to hear and so I’ve given myself the job to put down what I can hear in my head and hope it’ll either please me or someone else.’

Her work is more descriptive of an atmosphere rather than storytelling and following a character, evocative and charismatic, raw and dirty. Scratchy melodies and glitchy beats are melded together with pounding synths into resoundingly strong tunes that are not without a hint of sass. Born in London, raised in France, lived in Australia, now living in London and having recorded the album in New York, she says that all the locations have ‘all have different appeals for me although I think the English weather is what’s ingrained in me the most. If I’m imagining a landscape, chances are you’ll find somewhere like  it in the UK!’

It’s been something of a process, and the songs have evolved and developed as Hero has herself. ‘I don’t think it’s possible to foresee what an album will sound like until you decide it’s done. Especially a debut album. I didn’t even have a band when we started! I’m really happy with it though- I think it’s a very special piece of work and I don’t regret a thing. I’m so glad it’s finally out and that I got to do it on my own terms.’
The grungy and dirty sounds to the songs are deliberate and reflective of Hero.’ It suits my mood.’ she says, and it’s a mood well conveyed on single Brutish Words. Her work is very much collaborative, with producers Bradley Spence and Charlie Russell giving the tunes a power, and she credits Saul Wodak who plays guitar in the band with ‘great visions when it comes to arrangements, soundscapes, rifs, and live performances. He also inspires me to branch out and work on other things than my own songs. I’d be lying to myself if I said I was solo.
Whilst touring the UK this autumn she’s also putting the work in writing songs for a new album.  It’s going to be a busy few months for Hero Fisher.
‘See you there suckers.’
Catch her playing acoustic shows at The Star in Tuffnell Park, before a tour with Fufanu.

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