I caught up with Leeds based L.H.B on the launch of her new album Down Yonderland, a spirited and modern blend of ambient electronics and pop makes for a chilled listen of lush tunes.
When and why did you start making music?
I have been singing since I can remember. Both my Granny and Mum sang growing up and so it was something I naturally carried on with. When I was at school, I started to take singing lessons and learnt to become a classical singer.
I wanted to be able to do something with this as I grew older and so started to teach myself how to create music digitally on LogicPro. I found that writing lyrics came a bit naturally to me and I learnt how to express myself through my music as it isn’t something I’m usually able to do in person.
Who and what influences you, both musically and outside of music?
I can’t focus on one artist or one particular genre of music because I find so much of it inspiring. I like to make my way through various playlists on Youtube and Soundcloud and pick out hidden gems I might never have heard of. I also like to find an artist on Spotify or Tidal and click to see similar people until I have built up this catalogue of influential artists I can listen to.
The things that influence me, are when I hear something unusual I can’t recall hearing before. That is what I would like to do with my own music and create something outside of the norm (but still find a way to make it appealing). Two artists I can somewhat relate to are Billie Eilish and Sabrina Claudio, because although they both have strong vocals, they are also very soft in their approach which is different to hear in this day and age.
Outside of music, I suppose I love the fact that I lead an incredibly normal life. I hold down a 9-5 job in the most unexpected industry and absolutely love that I can come home each day from sitting at my desk and work on everything to do with my music. I find so much appeal in not just being your every day person and being driven to do something else at the same time.
What is your writing process like?
My writing process took a lot of trial and error before I found something that works very well for me. I will first create the track using various samples that inspire me and sound good. I will play around and write some tunes on the midi keyboard whilst using Logic Pro. Once I am happy with this part, I will set the microphone up and just start by humming a good melody to fit to the track.
I can then start to write lyrics around the melody and I tend to find this part easier to do. I actually never thought I would be able to write lyrics as I am dyslexic and struggle mostly with reading and writing, however there is something different about doing this creatively.
Once I am happy and it all fits together, I can then start adding in harmonies over the top where necessary. With the album I have released, I finished the whole process of by sending it to my cousin. He is a bit of a genius when it comes to music and he managed to write his own music to replace the original tracks. He then mixed and mastered the records so they sounded at more of a professional level.
This process works so well for me now but it took a long time to get somewhere that work. Everything used to be in a different order and it would take me a couple of years to actually finish something.
What are your goals for 2020?
In 2020, I would like to carry on gaining exposure for my album release and start working on my social media presence. I find it rather hard releasing content that people would like to view and so it would be amazing to gain a bit more of a following of people who genuinely like and understand my music.
I can then start making more of it throughout the year when I know what people like and don’t like. My true aim is that people can relate to me and my lifestyle as I am just a normal person at the end of the day.

Down Yonderland by L.H.B.


  • The Librain
    Posted December 17, 2019 7:40 pm 0Likes

    This was so interesting to read and I wish you every success with your music x

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