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Ip Dip Who?

With a line up denser than Abi Titmuss, coupled with the unfortunate limitations of physics and philosophy rendering us stuck in one place at one time, even Lester Bangs would have found it hard to decide which band to head to. Why not make your pick based solely on the curious creativity of the band name? Try these for starters…
Ou Est Le Swimming Pool
Thursday 01.00 @ Jam
Not only is the band name great, but the ‘maverick renegades’ (as they call themselves) who make up the band are also eclectically named, Andelé Peligroso Pericosima, Fernando P.I. and Affa Da. Taking inspiration from Pet Shop Boys, Yazoo, Beastie Boys and the like, this Camden based trio are a little crazy, a little colourful, a little eccentric, a lot danceable.
Fitness Club Fiasco
Thursday 19.45 @ Above Audio
They don’t sing about forgetting your towel, dropping weights on your toes, getting your shoe lace stuck in the treadmill, or your legs collapsing a la Bridget Jones. Describing themselves as a four-piece synth pop jungle-gym, they do create the slightly unhinged dance wizadry that demands clapping hands.
Polly Mackey & The Pleasure Principle
Friday 19.45 @ Freebutt
If the principle purpose of your weekend is to pack if full of pleasure, and pleasure to you is brilliantly crafted indie delivered with a huge dollop of edgy Chrissie Hynde, PJ Harvey esque attitude, check out the 17 year old Polly Mackey and her band. Having ignited rave review at this year’s SXSW, Brighton looks in for a treat.

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