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It's All Happening – photographic evidence

Photos and words by Caroline Schimtt

The full potential of a weekend only gets properly unleashed when you start your Friday night at the King’s Head – which is not a big surprise nor for those West Londoners in the know. Kicking the weekend off here with It’s All Happening equals success.
Check out some photos of the acts who blew us away on May 4th!
Possessing an impressive array of albums, years of experience and musical abilities under his belt, Ceri James, soothed and roused the crowd with his mix of folk meets rock – and raised some smiles by way of The Real Coffee Shop.

The Frayed Laces draw on a broad variety of different styles. Once a metal band, they have now stripped back and slowed down, allowing the talent to shine. There were slow and folky songs that reminded this reviewer a little of Katie Melua whereas others were underlined by impulsive and eclectic beats that didn’t fail to get the audience dancing!

Eastend Promises, a rock indie band who deliver an energetic performance with intelligent melofies were a little more typical for what’s usually happening in Acton. With a slightly aggressive tone, lead singer Lewis united his band for a good 45 minutes and made the walls shiver.

So, the only conclusion left: Get your majestic butts down to the King’s Head on Friday as there’ll be another great set of talented acts!

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