So I attended my first EVER gig! A while back though, to be fair, but still, I loveloveloveloveloved it! The Wombats are one of my favorite bands ever and the atmosphere at the concert was incredible! I took a load of pictures and videos, in a hope to make a post about the concert on here, but, as you can see from the title: I’ve been lazy!
Anyway, about The Wombats, well, it was fabby dabby fantastico! I went with my sister (made it more fun!) and the whole gig started off with Supporting Bands: Get People and Cafe Zedlin? I hope I’m right! Anyway Cafe Zedlin (if I’m right about they’re name) were really really good, and they got suuuuch a great response from the crowd. I did prefer them to Get People, as Get People almost seemed like a DJ’s Sound Board being played around (harsh I know) but the two bands definitely fit The Wombats style.
Then The Wombats came on, and they were incredible. A couple of they’re songs I hadn’t heard, as I haven’t really thoroughly listened to much of their new album, but the songs were still good! I waited pretty much the entire night in anticipation for my 3 favorite songs: Moving To New York, Lets Dance to Joy Division and Tokyo (Vampires & Wolves) and at one point, I was severely worried that they weren’t going to play ‘Joy Division’ as they basically said goodbye. But luckily, the screaming and the shouting from the crowd got them to come back and play one more song, whoop!
The Wombats Official Music Video: Lets Dance to Joy Division
Then the concert ended and I was literally shaking with excitement and happiness, sort of similar to the beginning of the concert where I shook with nerves and my brain imagining some dark pit underground where they would play and I would get trampled on, but a lot nicer!
It put me in such a good mood for the night, but I literally collapsed into bed. So, basically, great night.
Lets dance to joy division, and celebrate the irony… cos this could *yawn* all go so wro… zzZZzzZzzz

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