Jerzey Street Band

Michael Baker reviews Jerzey Street Band’s latest offering, Haigy’s Girl...
This band are AWESOME. This upbeat, almost country sound, has got me hooked. Perfect for either driving along or a chill out session.
First track, and the basis for the eponymous title of this single, Haigy’s Girl, tells us about a story that all men, and maybe some women, know about. That girl, the one that we are besotted with, and how are friends deal with her. Or at least thats the way I have interpreted it. The lyrics and music complement each other perfectly and provide a partnership which has put this song straight into my iTunes favourites.
Wasting Time, with its almost Kenny Rogers-esque tune, is a perfect companion to Haigy’s Girl. It provides a slightly mellower sound which allows us to appreciate the sentiment being expressed throughout both this song and the previous. Having listened to this I can’t wait for their new abum, Breaking Radio Silence to be released this autumn.

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