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Lanterns On The Lake – Beings

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When you hear Hazel Wilde speak in her broad Geordie accent after she’s sung in soaring and sensitive tones you’re reminded of the complexity of human beings, the highs and lows, fragility and grit that plays the harmony of life. Lanterns on The Lake have always made glacial and evocative music that manages to traverse the emotional glue of being, being both innately hypnotic and full of unfurling spit. Elevated and heavenly yet surprisingly dark and filled with crunching energy, new album Beings sweeps with breadth and depth, racing across the landscape in a cascade of seething streaks of enchantment. Airy, chiming beauty shifts into dense, forbidding scoundscapes as menacing chords and pounding beats mingle with radio static and twinkling melodies. Turning the knob on electronica and veering out from their dream pop roots, this is a brave, anthemic and dynamic step forward.
Released November 13th on Bella Union.

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