Reasons to love Leefest
1. It is this weekend, meaning only a few more days of waiting.
2. As well as Ghostpoet, Friction, FOE, Let’s Buy Happiness and Bwani Junction, Slow Club are playing. Rebecca and Charles are the kind of pop stars you actively want to be friends with.
3. The weather doesn’t look nearly as shocking as it did for last week’s Isle of Wight.
4. England are out of Euro 2012, so you can watch all the bands you want to, without feeling like you should be doing some kind of patriotic duty.
5. Bingo becomes cool, as Jess Indeedy brings her unique brand of musical bingo to a tent near you.
6. Mystery Jets headline set should now see a crowd knowing lyrics to the tunes from Radlands, making the whole set a celebration of happy chaos.
7. The great Tom Williams & The Boat will be strumming their latest single, Too Young.  The video is amazing and we shall be engraving the band’s initials into our desk.
8. You can reach the festival entirely on your Oyster card, or join the active car sharing team, or the lovely folk have even sorted out a scenic cycle route for you.
9. The winner of the ‘Can I party with @IAH_music @Leefest?’ competition will be there – well done Ohad!
10. Armed with this map you can make your way around the site like Christopher Robin embarking on an epic discovery.

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