Lila Rose – We.Animals. 

On We Animals, the latest output from Lila Rose synths tremble under an expansive open soundscape hinting at broad skies, and rhythmic shifts with planitive vocals hint at dismay and frustration that comes from a disintegrating and dying world. This distress is an obvious one in its challenging and brash scope, but no less real for it. Demonstrating her versatility in both sound and interest, it’s a move away from her previously electronic style.

Working with producer and band mate Daniel Garcia he says ‘Daniel helped me understand that I had some dark rock in my soul,” Rose says. “He definitely brought that out in me. That dark organic weird heavy sound like Nine Inch Nails, Tool, and Radiohead. We also definitely wanted to hold instruments in our hands as opposed to sitting in front of a computer.’

Out on April 20th.

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